Friday, November 12, 2010


Last weekend's wind brought lots of leaves down and some of the trees are pretty bare now but thankfully they don't all change into their autumnal colors at the same time and there're still enough left to make the scenery pretty nice.

Before the wind kicked up I enjoyed seeing the puddles of color around the bases of some trees, three small ones on Huntting Lane coming to mind. They're little guys that were only planted a year ago and stand in a neat row in front of one of the newly renovated houses. The tiny branches had been completely bare but at the base of each lay a perfect circle of bright yellow on the green grass. I was disappointed to see that the wind had scattered them when I drove down the street yesterday.

A drive through the woods is still nice and the late trees are quite beautiful. Two Japanese maples in my own yard are always the last to go and they're only now turning from green to orange, the outer ends of the branches bright and cheery and the inner areas still dark. Usually they're still shedding at Thanksgiving, the last ones holding tough.

This week the weather reports are spectacular and there's no big wind in sight. I think we'll have another couple weeks to enjoy the fall colors before the trees are completely stripped bare. It's one of natures greatest shows and I enjoy it every year.

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Ben said...

God will provide us with a show of color to remember throughout the long winter. When I think of trees I usualy envision them in the fall with the beautiful colors not the way they look most of the year.
Winter is so stark and cold.