Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day after

Some of the thoughts I had throughout the day yesterday while preparing for Thanksgiving dinner:

I wonder if our mothers know how they are represented at our table? My son is making the cream puffs that my mother always made and I made my mother-in-law's chocolate angel food cake. As I was slathering on the chocolate whipped cream frosting I thought about her and all the years she made those for our Thanksgiving table, as well as for so many other occasions. My husband's favorite cake which I never made until she was gone because I wanted it to be her specialty.

I wonder how our troops are doing overseas? And how are their families coping stateside? I hope they know we're thinking about them.

I wonder if my husband knows how much I love spending holidays with him?

I wonder if my kids know how much I'm missing them?

I wonder if anyone else remembers the year my mother's oven broke down but she didn't realize it until the turkey didn't cook?

I wonder if anyone else remembers how my Grandmother Strong used to hide from the camera on Thanksgiving? In the old home movies she would duck under the table as the camera panned in her direction.

I wonder if anyone else remembers Thanksgiving 1963 when we drove to Buffalo to have dinner with my aunt and uncle because Kennedy had been assassinated and there would be an extra day off school and work, giving us time to make the long trip?

I wonder if anyone remembers the first year my mother's parents were with us for Thanksgiving after they moved to East Hampton from Buffalo?

I wonder if my grandchildren will have as many wonderful memories of me as I do of my grandparents?

Thanksgiving, like ever holiday, is full of memories. I wonder how many people share mine?

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