Sunday, November 28, 2010

Big week

This week really starts the busy time and I'm feeling a bit crazed already. The first weekend in December is going to be overcrowded with activities including dinners, rehearsals, and card writing. I love the holidays, but....

My wedding anniversary is Tuesday and every year I feel a bit guilty about what I did to my family, getting married on Thanksgiving weekend 36 years ago. At the time I thought nothing of it - after all, it was a great time of the year so why not have a wedding. right? I was young and care-free and very naive. Now I know that I put a real burden on all those that had to travel on that busy weekend as well as my mother who had lots of other things to worry about at that time of the year. Not only did she do Thanksgiving dinner for a large extended family, she had my wedding two days later, a mother-in-law who went into a nursing home the day after the wedding, and a big family to shop for with Christmas right around the corner.

If I had it to do over again I would choose a quiet time of the year - maybe October or April - and plan my wedding when it would be the only thing happening. But I'm thinking that my mother was too loving to suggest such a thing then. And despite what was going on in her life, she did everything she could to make my wedding special, which it was. I hope my daughter who got married two days after Christmas 13 years ago can say the same thing!


Ben said...

I understand what you're talking about. Got married Nov 19 also too close to Thanksgiving. It was my second marriage so I can't claim being naive just being foolish and selfish ! LOL

Kathleen said...

It's the things we do for love, Barbara. I had the audacity to be born early morning on the day after Thanksgiving, keeping my mother from eating her holiday dinner! I've never heard her complain about it, though. :-)