Saturday, November 20, 2010

Afternoon light

One of the things I love about the afternoons now is the light. Since the time change I've noticed a wonderful diffused light at about 4pm, throwing long shadows across the lawn and open fields. The side of the house and trees facing west are still ablaze with bright light while the opposite sides are settling into gray. The front windows are bright - the back ones are looking like dusk has arrived. It's a beautiful time of the day and I love sitting in the living room with the laptop, watching the shadows of leafy branches dance along the walls facing the windows. My walls are deep red so the shadows stand in stark contrast to the light streaming in and changing the shade of such saturated color.

In no time at all the days will be their shortest and the trend will reverse again. Each month we'll notice the daylight lingering a little longer and we'll be looking forward to Spring. But I don't wish the winter away, I welcome it. I love seeing the change of scenery and like the way it even makes the colors in my house reflect the season. No need to paint, just wait a few months and the walls will take on a whole new hue.

The afternoon light is beautiful in the fall and it's leading us on to winter's darkness.

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