Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wedding day

Today my niece gets married and weddings are always fun. There are few enough times of great celebration in life and weddings are among my favorite. It's so nice to see love in its early, heady stages and being there to send off a young couple on their life together is a gift.

We've had many family weddings over the years - the first of my nieces and nephews was married over 15 years ago now so with this generation alone there have been eight so far. Most have been at home on the east end but this will be the third we've traveled for. Sadly, we don't know this part of the family as well as the other simply because they don't live nearby. As our nieces and nephew were growing up we saw them about twice a year - but as things go it's been a few years now since we've seen any of them. It's especially sad for us because we know the difference - we're surrounded by family here in East Hampton and being blessed with the ability to be part of their lives intimately, and now to watch their children growing up, is very special. So we know what we've missed - and are still missing - in this case. We won't know any of their friends at the wedding and will definitely be the "outsiders" at this event. It will be a different experience for us.

We're looking forward to celebrating a special occasion today and making memories for a lifetime.And as always, I find myself being introspective, contemplating the meaning of it all.

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