Saturday, August 21, 2010


In May my husband moved his office from one building to another in our commercial complex. That sounds simple enough, but for my siblings and me it's been a heady event full of nostalgia and the sharing of memories. The building being vacated has been in continuous use by the family businesses since the 1930s. We grew up visiting my father and grandfather there and it's been part of our lives, always. So emptying it out and seeing it deserted is much like seeing the family homestead stripped down and empty. Every corner, every room holds special memories - and all of our childhood is tied up in the place.

Today we are having a yard sale, unloading the things that didn't make the move to the smaller building. It will be sad at the end of the day to see it really empty, as it will be to see people walking off with pieces of our youth. But like all things in life, eventually logic must prevail and we move on. The space is too big for our needs now, and the building will demand a better rent on the market than the smaller space we can use. Sometimes practicality is such a drag.

Today will be bittersweet. It makes total sense to do what we're doing. But sometimes the heart just doesn't connect well to the mind...

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