Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Travel time

It occurred to me recently on one of my many trips west that in the summer these days it takes as long to get to Southampton as it did to get to Riverhead twenty years ago.How crazy is that? Last week I made four or five trips to see doctors and have blood work done and the worst trip took nearly an hour. It truly blows my mind.

I'm not sure where this will lead in this crazy world out here but at some point when is it enough? Will we find a way to cap the number of cars that can traverse our roads, a la Bermuda? Or will we see a superhighway built over our little towns at some point, ruining everything we know and love here? I can't imagine how this will all end but I do know this: some thing's got to give sometime. We can not continue on this way or we'll be choking on the exhaust and expiring on the back roads, unable to get out onto Rt. 27 to buy groceries or see doctors. It's crazy out there and there's only so much more any of us can take.

Perhaps its time to declare everything east of the Shinnecock Canal a sovereign state and declare our independence. Then we can indeed be like Bermuda, stopping all non-resident cars before they cross over the canal and sending their owners on buses or trains to the east end. Residents would be allowed two cars per family and public transportation would be amazing. Sounds a bit like Shangrila, doesn't it?

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