Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Last week I was rushing yet again to get to points west of here and running into all kinds of traffic. I hoped I had left town early enough not to worry about westbound cars but of course I was wrong and found myself creeping along Rt. 27 in the usual bumper to bumper action. When I got near enough to Scuttlehole Road I turned right and headed across the tracks to Narrow Lane South, hoping to at least be able to keep moving forward. Lo and behold, I turned a corner on that tiny little country road and came upon a big old green tractor taking up about 5/8ths of the lane, with one very aggressive car behind it itching to get past.

There was no way for this other car to get around for some time and the driver was clearly agitated by the delay. But I was thrust into waves of nostalgia as memories of growing up on the East End came flooding back. We were always behind tractors in those days and I doubt a trip west ever happened without at least one of them taking up much of the road. The other typical annoyance was the potato truck which always lumbered along with the speed of a snail. As kids we groaned whenever we came upon one of those behemoths. But on this day, watching a farmer atop his tractor made me smile. When the car ahead of me finally managed to get around to the left and pass, I could have made a quick run for freedom myself, but I decided against it. Suddenly I was having the time of my life, enjoying the view around me, and gladly watching neighbors give the farmer a casual wave as he passed.

It was as though I was transported to a simpler time here and I didn't want to leave.

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