Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer camp

My granddaughter went to sleepover camp last week so I went online to check out the place. I have to admit it made me want to go to camp. And that's really saying something.

When we were kids, our parents sent us to camp three times. Each time was torture to me. I've never been a big sports/outdoor girl. My interests always were more oriented to inside activities. like arts and crafts and reading. The camps I attended were so heavily structured that from the minute we woke in the morning (at the crack of dawn I may add) until we were in bed at night, we were herded from one activity to another, most of them not fun at all for me. And always, always it meant swimming in a lake or pond, which seemed really gross to this ocean girl.

But the camp I saw on the website last week was a far cry from those camps I attended. My granddaughter would be taking classes in photography, gourmet cooking, and crafts among other things. She would have free time to choose her own activities and she was able to choose between the bay and the pool when she wanted a swim. They can take musical theater - are you kidding me??? That would have been my idea of heaven! Even the video of the mess hall looked like fun. Where we were made to sit quietly for meals and not allowed to rest our elbows on the table lest we be made to run around the building three times, at this dining room there was laughter and entertainment, with counselors putting on talent shows and performing various skits for the campers, it looked like a great time was being had by all.

My entire life I have hated the very idea of summer camp. Here I am after all this time thinking I've been wrong. Isn't life interesting?

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Anonymous said...

Do you have any memories of Camp St. Regis or the Fireplace Lodge? I just read that Ozzie Nelson of Ozzie and Harriet was a counselor there one summer in the 40's and swam one day from there to Gardiner's Island.

I won a free week in a contest at Camp St Regis in the mid 1960's. I wouldn't go and wanted no part it!

Those little camp shacks the kids slept in are long gone I guess.