Monday, August 9, 2010

Reading glasses

About six months ago I gave in and bought some reading glasses. It was like a new world opened up to me.

For years now I've had bi-focal contact lenses. Don't ask me how they work - I have no idea - but they seemed to do the trick up until this year and suddenly for whatever reason I couldn't read the fine print on anything. So one day when I was in TJ Maxx shopping I saw a pair of those generic half-glasses you can buy anywhere and on a whim I bought them. Well let me tell you, it was a wonderful thing to read the newspaper the next morning without struggling to make out the words. As hard as it was to admit it, I needed reading glasses. And in no time at all I was pretty dependent on them. So soon enough I was in line at CVS buying a few more pair so I could always have some within easy reach, in my purse, next to the phone, by the calendar, etc. It's a wonderful thing!

I hate being dependent on anything and the fact that I have to wear glasses at all has always annoyed me. I had my first pair when I was in the fouth grade and I hated them. At least with the contacts I felt more "normal" and didn't have to deal with the fogged up lenses from walking in and out of the cold or opening the oven door. Now I feel as though every time I put on these reading glasses I'm giving in to old age and that is especially distressing. I hate to think about getting old!

On the upside, I find that I really don't notice things like dust on the furniture anymore so I guess it's not such a bad thing to need reading glasses! And my husband's face looks as young and wrinkle-free as it did the day we wed. Amazing! And of course, when I look in my mirror I'm pleased to see that I haven't changed a bit in at least thirty years...

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