Thursday, August 12, 2010

The pool

My brother has a swimming pool at his house and I can pretty much use it whenever I want to. Which is nice because I really have no desire to have a pool of my own - I don't want the work involved with it, I don't want to lose my yard, and I don't want the responsibility of a pool at my house. But it's a nice option for getting exercise and I use his occasionally in the summer.

What I'd really love is a home large enough for an indoor pool. Something with a full glass enclosure, heated in the winter so I could swim in comfort while watching the snow fall. Wouldn't that be heavenly?

One early morning this summer I went down with my two daughters to swim laps and it was such a pretty morning. It was cool enough to call for pants over my swim suit and when we got to the pool we could see the heat rising from the surface because it was warmer than the air at 6am. We easily slipped into the water which enveloped me in warmth and almost felt like climbing into a bathtub. What a treat.

It really just confirmed my desire for that glassed-in pool where I could swim my laps while watching the snow fly.

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