Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today I'm joining a friend on the Hampton Jitney and heading west for the weekend. We're attending the state EMS conference and this is the closest its every been to us. Over the years I've been attending these conferences I've been to Albany, Syracuse, the Catskills, and Saratoga Springs - always we've had to get into a car and drive for hours and hours to get to wherever it was held that particular year. This seems to be the norm when you live at the far end of the island - we have to travel for just about anything. (I remember when I was involved with PTA and the Suffolk County officers always complained that we never came to their functions, which were held in Huntington or Bay Shore. Finally they agreed to have one in Southampton and - big surprise - no one from west of the Shinnecock Canal made the trip! I think our point was made) I'm thrilled that I can get on a Jitney and be at conference in two hours and can't wait to spend the weekend in good old Manhattan.

The biggest change in having conference in the city is we'll always have something to do. Most years, once you're in from dinner there's not much else to do other than play cards in some one's hotel room or congregate in a hotel lobby. In NYC we'll be able to choose from movies, Broadway shows, cabaret clubs, or lots and lots of little places where we'll be able to sit and have drinks and unwind. There will be many hours of classes every day, beginning at 8am, so unwinding is always nice. And its a great time for bonding with my fellow ambulance volunteers.

It's going to be a good week-end with lots of good training and a few good laughs. I'll be tired when we get back Sunday night, but it should be fun.

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Ben said...

Good Luck and enjoy the City. You know I once saw the Hampton Jitney in Florida !