Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mad Men

Anyone who's at least my age has got to love Mad Men Sunday Nights on AMC. Every week we watch it and laugh at the authentic references to the 1960s. It seems as though every detail is right on the money, from the clothing to the television ads to the attitudes. I love it.

Last week one of the women was visiting a doctor. Before he even finished talking with her he'd lit up a cigarette. Can you imagine that happening today? And the way they treated the women in the advertising office - it's enough to make a modern woman cringe.

I imagine many of today's younger women look at this show as a piece of fiction. They have no memory of the things we older ones do. They don't fully appreciate what life was like for their grandmothers because, thankfully, the world is a different place than it was then. Luckily for us - even more so for them. There are things about the early 6os that I can surely look at with envy (like the hats the women wore, or the more formal style of dining just to name a few) but for the most part, I'm glad I was too young then to feel the sting of being unappreciated and underpaid as a woman, and I'm glad we no longer smoke like chimneys and drink all day at the office.

Life has changed, as it always does through the years - some for the better, some not. It's interesting in retrospect to look at those changes and see where we've come from. Hopefully we learn from the past.


Kathleen said...

"Drink all day at the office" ?? I had to chuckle at that, for this tea-totaler has been VERY tempted to imbibe all day at some of the office jobs I've had over the years!

Marcheline said...


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