Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jitney joy

I love the Hampton Jitney.

I remember quite well the days when the only way to get into Manhattan was by train or car. the train took three hours. It was a long, boring trip with the change in Jamaica to deal with - always a source of stress to me. There was the whole "Make sure you get of the right side of the train in Jamaica" thing to think about. And it took forever. I was never a huge fan of the LIRR and the few trips I took in that way did nothing to ever change that opinion. In those years my husband made buying trips in and out a few times a year for business and the train ride was part of the deal.

Of course there was always the car option but that involved traffic, traffic, and more traffic. Once on Manhattan, there was the issue of finding a garage and paying the exorbitant price to keep one's car there for the day. It wasn't much of an option.

Then along came Jim Davidson with his ingenious little buses that would drive people in and out of the city - in less than three hours! Wonderful! Now we have these beautiful luxury liners running in and out all day, every day, doing what the MTA couldn't seem to manage despite all the tax money we send to them every single year. Today I'll be heading home from my weekend in NYC and at the end of a busy few days of training, that nice ride home on the Hampton Jitney will be a welcome chance to unwind. I don't use it often - ertainly not like some of the regular communters do. But when the opportunity presents itself, it's a wonderful thing!

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Ben said...

I recall the Jitney when it had a rack on the back for bicycles or was it a little trailer. Recall taking a bus to Riverhead once to do some school shopping. That was a big adventure for a boy from three mile harbor !