Sunday, August 22, 2010

Early day

Last week I needed to be at the hospital for blood work at 7am and I was happy to be able to make the trip west at that hour. It was peaceful and beautiful and so made me long for the autumn.

By the time I came home it was nearly 8:30 so I had to hit the back roads. Traffic was already backing up to the CR39 intersection and I knew it would be slow going on the main roads. But all along the back way it was still easy to get around. I love Scuttlehole, with its beautiful open farm fields and meandering roadway. Even the new roundabout looks "rural" with its nice brick center and small diameter. I enjoyed every dip and turn as I worked my way back east, eventually rolling down Rt. 114 and coming up Cedar Street.

I was home by 9:00 and I felt as though I'd been out on a nice fall morning, when the traffic is easier and the weather is perfect. September cannot come soon enough for me.

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