Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Counting down

Every year at this time I wish I had a cabin in the mountains to spend the last two weeks in August. Because this is when the countdown begins and we feel as though we can barely tolerate the final days of insanity here on the east end.

All weekend I kept saying to myself "Two more weeks....two more weeks...." as I battled the traffic and tried to get the things done that needed to be done. It seems impossible that we natives are expected to live our normal lives while all this craziness is happening around us.

And indeed, its easy now to look ahead to September and long for those beautiful days of warm weather and calmer streets, when we can get around easily from one place to another and not have to deal with the crowds wherever we go. Even the beaches will be more compelling, cool and comfortable and empty at any time. Ah yes, only two more weeks and it will be true.

Summer is wonderful here but even we who are used to it after a lifetime of dealing with the nonsense are ready for it to be over. Because September is the real summer for us locals, when we can enjoy the beauty of our home territory in peace and quiet, all by ourselves and content to be here. We tolerate August because we can taste September....

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