Friday, August 20, 2010


I have resisted talking about any community controversies over my two years doing this blog because I don't want politics to turn it into a soap box of some type. There's just too much to celebrate in life to allow disagreements to get in the way, but I have to say the most recent issue in the village has me tied up in knots. Sometimes when I think about it I'm physically nauseous. Without going into any detail, I just have to let off a little steam about how bad this kind of thing is for any community.

I work really hard at seeing both sides of every issue. Often, people who live near something are upset about noise, or traffic, or whatever and I always sympathize. I put myself in their shoes and know how hard it would be to deal with whatever it is. The most difficult thing about being an elected official is that I sometimes need to take my own feelings out of an issue and try to look at what works best for the community as a whole - not easy to do! The other issue that makes it hard for me is that I need to always keep my constituents in mind because they're the ones who put me in office. To do otherwise would be unfair to them. Of course its not always possible to gauge where the majority of them stand, but I try.

I hate things which tear a community apart and I've seen way too much animosity over this latest issue. I've seen neighbors angry at neighbors and former friends not speaking. In a small community like East Hampton, that's really tragic. It makes me want to get out of office altogether.

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This on is priceless - - and very, very true! LOL