Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We've embarked on a number of big projects around our house in the past year, which have involved a number of contractors, carpenters, painters, and other workers, and it's all led me to some conclusions about people who work in these fields. For instance, there seem to be some unwritten rules they follow - like these:

1. No matter how many empty parking spaces there are in the driveway, your truck should always be parked directly behind my car so I cannot get in or out without asking someone to move.

2. Your truck should always be parked at an angle so as to take up at least 2 spaces.

3. If a ladder is put up to the roof, it should always be placed right in front of a bathroom window, making the room unusable for the duration of the project.

4. Never bother to ask whether there is an outdoor electrical outlet - just run your cord through the door so it has to always be opened enough for flies to enter.

5. Always leave drop cloths, ladders, power tools, or other equipment wherever you want and the homeowner can just work around them when you leave.

6. Don't bother letting the home owner know if you are not coming. Homeowners have nothing else in their lives other than waiting around for you to arrive. So if for some reason you can't show up, its no big deal.

7. If you aren't going to come back for two weeks don't bother mentioning it - just don't come! Who cares if a homeowner is anxiously waiting for this work to be completed?

8. Always make sure you are juggling at least 4 jobs at the same time so you are never on any one of them more than a couple hours a day, making a two day job last at least two weeks.

I'm sure there are more I could ad here if I gave it more thought. After putting on a new roof, having six rooms painted, renovating a bathroom, re-doing a deck, and installing solar panels, I've definitely seen some patterns...

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Kathleen said...

and now, it is the time for what's expected of the home owner..
1) always pay at least 1/3 of the quote before work begins
2) always pay the bill immediately upon receiving it
3) it wouldn't hurt to have a bottomless coffee pot and all the fixings available to the contractors
4) always sit around all day awaiting the arrival of contractors. (you know if they can't get into the house, the job won't be done.
etc, etc, etc.