Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August gone

Today is the last day of August and it is a welcome day. I've been looking forward to September now for a few weeks and tomorrow at last, it will be here. Along with September comes Labor Day and this weekend will be our final, insane, busy days - we all deserve to have East Hampton back again and we can actually see it now. The end is near!

This has been a busy, busy summer and I enjoyed every minute of it. The grandchildren "from away" were here for a month, we attended a family wedding, we had old friends visit, we worked for a week at Vacation Bible School, and we did a 5K. We were running constantly and enjoying life and celebrating family. It was a great year.

On the down side, we almost never entertained friends on our back deck. I hope I'll find time in September to do that. I want to light the candles and grill the chicken and I want to laugh with people who I like to laugh with. Sometimes there is just too much life to fit in to the time we have to spend. And as I get older it seems as though time moves faster and there is less and less time to do the things we want to do. I'm thinking my bucket list is hopeless!

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