Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday morning

I love the Sundays leading up to Easter. There's a wonderful pageantry and drama that comes with the Easter story and each Sunday as we approach April you can feel the excitement build.

I loved Easter when I was growing up. I loved the spring weather, I loved decorating Easter eggs, I loved shopping for a new suit to wear to church, complete with a matching hat and white gloves, and I loved finding all that candy in a basket with MY NAME on it Easter Sunday morning. It was rare for us to be given much candy when we were kids. Not because my parents had anything against it (our diets were not wonderful!) but because there wasn't a lot of extra money for things like candy in those days. So that Easter basket was like heaven to me, a chubby little girl with a sweet tooth that was never satisfied.

When I had children of my own I enjoyed it as well, because I liked shopping for gifts and candy, as well as decorating the house and he;ping the kids with the Easter egg duties. And always there was something to prepare for church - most assuredly music of some type. I was either scheduled to do a solo, duet, trio or quartet and there were rehearsals to plan. Easter was a big deal and still is to me.

So here we are, only a few Sundays from Easter and I'm looking forward to it. The music will be inspiring, the hymns beautiful and the sermon, no doubt, appropriate. Easter is coming!

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