Monday, March 15, 2010


This past weekend we had a huge storm that passed through, lasting two days and bringing lots of rain and wind with it. At the risk of using a terribly overused word, it was awesome. (Don't you hate the way words become overused to the point where they lose their true meaning?)

We went out Sunday morning to survey the damage and there were tree limbs down everywhere with lots of debris in the roads. Across from our house there's one remaining weeping willow from what used to be a beautiful mature pair. One came down in 1985 during Hurricane Gloria. This storm took a huge chunk out of the remaining one and I'm not sure it will survive - could be there's rot inside which contributed to its coming down. It's about half gone now and I'm sure if and when it greens up it will look a bit odd. I hope it continues to thrive but I have serious doubts. I remember playing in the low hanging branches of those trees when we were kids - we called them the "upside-down trees" because it seemed to us as though the roots were on the top. I would hate to see the last one go but, like all living things, trees have a lifespan.

The ocean was churned up and the beaches, although a bit torn up and littered with debris, were not in bad shape. Town Pond was up over its banks and some of the Maidstone Club was under water. (And naturally there was water in our basement....) It was no where near the damage that a hurricane would leave behind but still, there was a trail of destruction.

The sound of the wind and the rain pounding against the windows when we went to bed Saturday night was amazing. I love the fury of a good storm. It reminds me that as much as we think we have things in order in our lives, its really God who's is in control. And it was, in a word - awesome!

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