Thursday, March 11, 2010


The weather is such a tease this week with temperatures climbing near 60 degrees and the sun shining so beautifully. Spring fever is already in the air and last weekend it was obvious by the traffic on the roads that our annual migration has already started. Many people must have come out to check on their houses and begin to get ready for the season because it was crazy out there everywhere I went.

As much as we love cocooning in the fall, we also love getting out into the warmer weather in the spring. There's something quite liberating about being able to don a simple sweater and leave the hat and gloves in the closet. We almost feel as though we've been let out of school and we have the urge to run at full tilt out into the world. It's such a nice change and there's something miraculous about the way the earth awakes after its long hibernation.

Soon we'll be turning the clock back and it will be darker in the mornings again, but oh those evenings will be so much fun! No longer will it be hard to drag ourselves out of the house to a meeting because it will feel as though the day's not over and its not time yet to settle in for the night.

I love the seasons. Each one brings its own miracles and I enjoy watching them all unfold.

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