Saturday, March 13, 2010

The show

Has anyone else noticed how much nicer it is to run around from appointment to meeting to grocery store now that the weather is nice? I love it. I can throw on a sweater or light jacket, leave the hat and gloves at home, and NO BOOTS ARE NEEDED before I head out the back door. It's an extra five minutes I can add to my life, not having to take them on and off every time I come or go!

My husband said the other day he was going to put the snow blower away for the season. I begged him to reconsider - to me that will be the kiss of death and for sure we'll get a late March or early April snow storm. It's the same reason I won't take my snow boots from the mat at the back door and store them for next year. I just know how these things work - its like one of the laws of nature or something. So the hat and gloves are still within easy reach and the boots are at the ready. Just in case. And maybe it will never come! But if it does, you can blame my husband. I'll post his office phone number if necessary!

I've enjoyed the snow this winter but now that we've had a taste of Spring I'm ready. I love sweater weather and there are lots of fun events to look forward to this summer. So bring it on, world - we're waiting for the show!

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