Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Peonies envy

My mother had the most beautiful peonies in her back yard and since she died and the house has been rented I can no longer get at it to cut the beautiful blossoms. I longingly look at the beautiful peonies in the florist's displays and wish I had bushes of my own to cut from. But many years ago I tried to grow some with no success at all.

So last week when I saw an expert on the Martha Stewart Show talking about peonies and how to grow them successfully, I was all ears. I listened intently, making mental notes about how deep they should be planted and how much sun they should get, and I vowed that this year I would plant them again -and hopefully have better luck. I ordered some online and now I'm waiting for them to arrive. But after spending all that money, I had a horrid thought: Do the deer love peonies? I imagine they do since they seem to eat everything nice that I plant anymore so now I realize that my peonies are doomed. I'm going to try to find a place close to the house so they may be a little protected, but I've a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. What will I do?

I have 6 peony bushes arriving soon but I think it will be an exercise in frustration. I will probably find myself running out into the back yard yelling at the deer like a maniac, just as my mother used to do. Oh well! It is a lovely fantasy!


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Amanda said...

according to my research, peonies are not deer friendly. the deer much prefer the roses - when in doubt, get yourself some Deer Off! and spray it, just once every two weeks and the deer will stay away. living in the woods myself, i can appreciate this frustration. i have just resigned myself to the fact that what we will be planting for life will be mostly boring hedges.

Kathleen said...

We have 3 to plant that we dragged down here in big pots from EH. They didn't do well there, for us, but we're not privy to their secrets. Will just have to investigate how to grow them here. Visit P.Allen Smith's website for lots of gardening info, Barbara. He's quite the guru.
We've just discovered deer tracks in our yard...GRRRRR. Somebody is gonna have a lot of venison dinner around here if that beautiful, but wretched rodent eats my lily buds and hostas.
BTW, LOVE today's blog title!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry! I have peonies on my front lawn in Springs (where the deer practically have moved in), and they have never touched them. Good luck growing them (: