Monday, March 29, 2010

More knitting

Knitting, which is something I put out of my life for a number of years, has come back to me with a vengeance. It seemed as though when my kids were past a certain age (possibly the age where they would no longer wear whatever I asked them to anymore) I stopped knitting. It was a period of time when I was no longer going to baby showers regularly and was no longer stuck in the house every night - and whatever the reasons, all the handwork I used to do was put aside for awhile.

But now that I have grandchildren (who welcome my creations with enthusiasm!) and my friends children are starting to have children, it seems I've come full circle and the knitting needles are never far from my reach. I have multiple projects going at any one time, usually a sweater for a grand child, a blanket for a new baby, and a baby cap for the knitting project the church does for the local hospital. Smaller items go along to every appointment or doctor's office so I have something to do with myself during the endless waiting time. Larger ones that are less portable stay next to my couch to work on during the latest episode of "Dancing With the Stars" or "Saving Grace". I feel so much less guilty about watching tv if I'm accomplishing something worthwhile at the same time!

There's something very primal about creating clothes for loved ones to wear. I used to make so many of my children's clothes, from little dresses for the girls to overalls for the boys, and I loved the feeling that I had when I put something on them that I'd made myself. It was caring for my family in such a basic way, hearkening back to the days when women spent their long days making all the family's clothes from spinning the wool to felting the jackets. It's now a wonderful feeling to see one of the grand kids walk in my house sporting a sweater or hat I've made.

My hands are beginning to feel the results of what is probably arthritis and I dread the day I'll no longer be able to create these gifts for the little ones. I'm working as fast as I can now and hopefully there will be things to pass down some day to yet another generation. In the meantime, I hope my daughters will take up the craft so they'll know the pleasure of fitting their own grand babies with garments that they knit with love.

Now if I only had time to do some reading....

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Gail Tiska-Flurry said...

Gosh sakes Barbara you are talented! And you enthusiasm for life is palpable. I need to catch that "love holidays" spirit. Keep it coming and maybe it will rub off.