Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's a sad thing to look in the mirror one day and realize that no one will every consider you "young" again. With the exception of opinions from some very old people, I think I can safely say I've reached that mark in my life. The wrinkles don't go away when I'm not smiling and the age spots are multiplying and I can't imagine ever spending the money to have them removed, so here I am, fully into the "old" category both in age and appearance. No more fooling anyone!

I was horrified a few weeks ago when I was sitting in a Saturday morning meeting and suddenly had the realization that I had not put my make-up on. I sat there racing through my morning in my mind, trying, hoping, I had forgotten actually doing what is always a part of my regular routine. But when I got out to my car and looked in the mirror, yikes! I was right. For some reason I had neglected to do what every woman my age needs to do every day and I looked it. No foundation to smooth my mottled skin, no cover up to disguise the ever multiplying age spots, no eyebrow corrector to fill in what are now essentially non-existent eyebrows, no blush to give me a little glow - I looked like something out of a horror movie. How could I have forgotten to do such a routine thing? I had brushed my teeth and taken my pills, I had combed my this another sign of my advancing years?

I suppose one of the great freedoms of age is that eventually one doesn't remember - and then doesn't remember that they forgot. I'm not quite there yet. But should that be comforting?

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Anonymous said...

Oh STOP!! :-) I do understand your concerns,I feel that I have to paint on my mask too when I want to look my best. But aging doesn't change your beauty, it makes you a different kind of beautiful and hopefully increases your wisdom as you go! So, all in all, I wouldn't trade 62 for 32 for all the gifts in the world. I like it...right where I am. the way, the last time I saw you, you still had a beautiful sparkle...