Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fog again

Earlier this week I sat at the computer in the morning and watched the fog roll in like the surf. From my vantage point I see it clearly because there's an open field across the street with no barriers to obscure its arrival, I watch it literally creeping across the lawn, sometimes rising to only a few feet on top of the ground but just as often enveloping everything in its path. This was of the latter variety and I could barely see the large tree that sits just on the other side of the road. Beyond that there was nothing but grey.

Occasionally I could see movement - a car or truck going down Methodist Lane - but it was impossible to decipher exactly what it was. Just a hulking mass moving in the background with no color or size really visible. It was strange and wonderful.

It's easy to see why Stephen King would use the fog as the "scary guy" in one of his books - it can be terrifying to be driving in it and when its this thick it has a real ominous feel to it. But from here, in the comfort of my home, I enjoy seeing it dance across the earth, making everything look foreign.

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