Friday, March 12, 2010


It's so delightful to sit in the house in the late afternoon and realize the sunlight is still streaming in the windows. After so many months of darkness (by the time I start thinking about dinner) this is a real treat. In our house the early sun comes in the kitchen and the late sun comes through the living room windows. It's the perfect place to read a magazine or book, or curl up like a cat on the sofa in light. The late hours of the afternoon, when I'm home from the busy hours of the day, its a warm and inviting spot to sit a spell.

March has, so far, been a wonderful month here at our house. We've celebrated 3 birthdays and welcomed the arrival of a new grandchild. In one week I'll be marking the anniversary of my surgery and I feel like a normal person again. I've learned to appreciate all the little moments of life and let the small stresses go because they're just not that important in the grand scheme of things. I enjoyed every snowstorm this winter and appreciated every beautiful moment of every single day. And now, I'm appreciating the coming of Spring in a way I never have before.

Every day, snow, rain or sunshine, I'm reminded of how precious life is and how important it is not to let any of it pass by without notice. And the sun is shining in my windows reminding me of that every evening now.

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