Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The plane

First I have to say the plane I flew to Norway on was incredible. It was the new 787, called "The Dreamliner", and it was a dream of a plane All the things I hate about flying (well, almost all of them!) were addressed in this newest of the jumbo jets. The lighting was perfect, there were charging stations between every seat for your phone or computer, there were individual screens that popped out of the armrests between seats where you could watch movies, television shows, or watch the view of the world from the cockpit. It also was used to control your personal light because there is more headroom in the cabin so it would be unreachable from your seat otherwise. Even the bathrooms were bigger and better.

It was a great plane. My only complaint is that it's so big it takes forever to load and unload it and although people were patent, that was tiresome. But if that's the only thing I can pick on, why bother?

I don't enjoy flying. It seems so unnatural to me and I just have a hard time relaxing. But if I have to do it, this is a plane I am happy to do it on.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Home Sweet Home

I am home at last from my foray into the wider world, which was wonderful. I will most likely be taking a few blogs to talk about my impressions and feelings about the trip, but for today at least I want to focus on what it means to be home.

Home means many things, from the building we live in to a state of mind, and all those things came into play Sunday when I arrived at Kennedy Airport after my ten day trip. I had been away from my house, my husband, my familiar surroundings, and the comfortable place where I normally have my head. All my senses were challenged and I was stretched physically and emotionally, which I loved.

When I got off the plane and walked to the counter to present my passport to the official at the desk, I was proud and relieved to feel the comfort and honor of being here, on the soil where immigrants like my ancestors have been coming for hundreds of years now. Knowing I was back was confirmed in the most basic of ways when the customs agent looked sternly from my passport photo to me, questioned me about where I had been, and then looked up and smiled when he said, simply, "Welcome Home".

It was exactly what I needed to hear.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


After 2544 daily posts here I am taking a short break! I'm leaving husband and home for a trip to visit my friend who lived with my family for one year when I was in high school as a foreign exchange student. We have visited back and forth a number of times over the years-this will be my third trip to visit her in Norway and she has been here three or four times over these past 40+ years. But I have not been there in over thirty years, so this will be an exciting trip for me.

I wanted to write and schedule enough posts to carry my blog through this time but just haven't been able to manage it in my busy life. This is the first break of any length I've taken and if I could I would bring my computer along so I could blog about my adventures every day. But between the need to travel light and the complication s of international electrical systems and Internet, I've decided to unplug for ten days and hold my thoughts for when I get home. Besides, who wants to hear about my packing, the beautiful fjords and long days, and the frustrations of traveling anyway! There will be plenty of reminiscences to share later. My past trips to Norway have been times of real spiritual growth and introspection. I expect this one will be as well.

Talk to you all around the 25th!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mad Men

We've been watching Mad Men since the second season. It had received so much good press the first year that I caught up with reruns and then jumped in to the second season as soon as we were up to date. Watching the final is odes is sad and I will miss it for sure.

I'm not sure which I like best, the great writing, the cast, or the nostalgia factor. I feel as though I've been reliving my childhood as the 1960s have passed by so realistically through these episodes. From the clothes to the props, it's the most authentic depiction of those years I've ever seen. Every episode makes me smile at least once when some familiar thing passes by on the screen: a macrame wall hanging, a mini-dress just like one I wore, a hair style, a familiar television show plaint on the little TV in the background. No detail goes unnoticed.

This week I actually found myself with knots in my stomach as Betty heard her cancer diagnosis. I think the show is so realistic to me I found myself sitting in that doctor's office hearing the words he said to her. It was too close for comfort for me.

I'll miss it. Great TV comes along far too infrequently.

Monday, May 11, 2015


As I prepare for my trip this week I realize that I will be offline for the duration of my trip. I'll be leaving my computer at home and taking a step back in time. I'll have my cell for emergencies, but I don't anticipate using it otherwise. Just like the "old days", I will be truly "away"!

It will be interesting to be away for ten days and not really communicate with anyone. In this day of instant contact whenever and wherever, it's a real throwback to be cut off completely. But I'm old enough to remember the days when long distance phone calls were saved for Sunday nights when rates were cheaper, and our exchange student, who lived with us when I was in high school and is the person I'm going to visit now, did not speak to her family by phone but on Christmas Day, arranged by my father as a special surprise. The only real form of long distance communication then was air mail letters. We all wrote letters.

I miss getting letters. But hearing a loved ones' voice is far ore satisfying, for sure.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


It's been a busy day, but I can't let Mother's Day pass without at least acknowledging it. Because being a mother is truly the most profound thing about me life.

I had a truly amazing mother. She was kind and generous, loving and selfless, a woman of great faith and great integrity. I was very lucky. So Mother's Day is always a day for me to think about her and reflect on my great fortune.

But now that I am the "matriarch" I also look forward to the descendants I have in my life: my children and grandchildren. I wonder if I am the example to them that she was to me. I pray to model for my granddaughters what a strong woman should be, soft with love and kindness yet tough when necessary, as my mother did for hers. I want to help my grandsons learn how a good partnership works in marriage and what commitment is all about. And I long to impart to my children the hard lessons learned over a lifetime they cannot yet imagine, all of which lies ahead of them.

Being a mother is a lifelong job. We never retire from it and the responsibilities can be heavy on one's heart. But it is without a doubt the most important work we'll ever do.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fog alert

The television is full of "fog alert" notices these mornings. It seems to be the typical thing this time of the year.

I don't mind fog as long as it's not so think the road is barely visible. I've been in fog like that, something out of a Steven King novel, and it's frightening to say the least.

But usually it's not quite that heavy and as long as the driving is safe, I find the fog amazing. It has the same effect that a bridal veil does, cloaking everything in a sort of secrecy that makes the world fascinating. Strange shapes and eerie forms appear everywhere and things take on a new look in every direction. It can be beautiful. Watching the fog literally roll in holds its own fascination and living here with large open fields makes it a real sight to see.

Fog season is upon us. I'm just going to enjoy it.