Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Clearly it's been a busy week here for me since I've missed posting two days now and realize half the week is gone now. Suddenly it's going to be July and I haven't even fully taken in June yet. How the time flies.

We are bracing here for our big weekend, but not planning much outside the confines of our own home. The roads and the beaches will be packed, and we will welcome the family for our annual July 4th cookout. A typical summer holiday weekend on Accabonac I think. My mother always did a cookout on the 4th and it seemed necessary to continue that tradition. After all, holidays are about family.

Today I'm heading west for an early jaunt to Riverhead. I expect to be home before noon and don't know what the rest of the day will hold, but certainly anticipate it will include family again, as the summer months, with no school and great weather, seems to be all about family. Especially with my daughter's family in town for their annual summer visit. I long to spend every minute with them, but other responsibilities, along with the knowledge that too much togetherness can often backfire, means well chosen moments spent together. Perhaps tonight will be one of them.

Time to get on with the day now. Hope we all find blessings and love in ours.

Monday, June 27, 2016


We have been having some glorious breezes here lately. I really love a good cool breeze!

When we went on our honeymoon we stayed at a hotel in Acapulco Mexico called "Las Brisas". I had been working as a travel agent and for a few years I'd been dreaming of going to this place, which I thought looked to be the most romantic on earth. I studied the brochures we had stacked in the office, with photos of couples lounging around their private pools, beside their "casita" or cottage. It was built on the hillside overlooking Acupulco Bay, high above the city and cool, with the wonderful ocean breezes tickling the trees and bushes.

It was lovely, and with my travel agent discount we enjoyed a luxurious trip we otherwise wouldn't have. Early every morning the pool man would arrive to lay fresh hibiscus blossoms in the water and scoop out the old ones. It was a little it of heaven, for sure. One of my best memories.

So on days like this, where the breeze is blowing sweetly through my house and keeping the temperature comfortable and light, I often think of how wonderful it is to live in a place with such nice "brisas". I may not get fresh hibiscus every morning, but the breeze is really nice.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Picture perfect

Picture perfect days are rare, but we seem to have had more than our share this month. With only one week left in June I'm going to be sorry to see it leave because I know what lies ahead in July and August.

Last night we had a photo session planned at the beach. I booked it two weeks ago, and honestly thought it might never happen. With the entire family all in town for a few weeks it was certainly worth trying, but what are the chances, right? I booked the first night I could get with the photographer, then sat back and crossed my fingers. And it was a beautiful evening when we gathered at Wiborg's, waiting for the photographer to arrive. The kids had a great time rolling around in the sand, getting rid of some of that energy while we sat in the dune watching.

The photographer was great and managed to get some beautiful shots of all the groups: everyone, all the kids, kids with grandparents, each family-we did it all. Some sitting, some walking, some jumping, some standing on the water's edge...she got the kids to cooperate and I can't wait to see the results. I know we have some good ones coming.

It truly was a "picture perfect" night, with blue skies, white fluffy clouds, sand, beach grass, surf-what more could we have asked? It's been years since we've managed to get everyone in the same place at the same time, with a person present who could capture it all. And it was well worth the wait.

Friday, June 24, 2016


I always find it interesting when life takes little unexpected turns and things change. It happens in big ways and small ways - job changes, relationship break-ups, disagreements with friends or relatives, all sorts of things happen that stop us in our tracks and turn us around unexpectedly. It certainly makes life interesting!

Recently I've been part of, or observed closely, such incidents and how people handle these abrupt changes is interesting to me. There is sometimes anger, sometimes resignation, sometimes hurt and dismay, but always its upsetting and makes the person involved re-evaluate their life, their choices, their very existence sometimes.

For myself, I'm a person of faith so I see things like this as change for the better, although I can't always see why. As difficult as things may look, I know that down the road there will be answers that are unseen now. Not all change is good and sometimes its painful, but as long as there is a bigger picture, a plan in some great scheme of things, I can live with it. Not always happily, but I'm OK.

I find myself sad though for folks who don't have that assurance of a future in someone else's control. It must be overwhelming not to be able to imagine a greater being somewhere watching over things here. And it makes me grateful that my mother taught me about the peace that comes with faith. I will always be grateful for that.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


We've been doing a project on our driveway this week. We had earlier had it regraded and stoned and have been trying to figure out what to do with the apron. Its a long story and not terribly interesting so I'll spare you the details, but the result is that this week the masonry folks arrived to install pavers on the driveway apron.

They started Monday. As soon as they started cutting the stone the fuse blew and we lost our internet, television, etc. Husband came home and reset it. Tuesday I was out all morning but according to him, the same thing happened again. Now, wouldn't you think that at this point the mason might think to bring a generator, since clearly our house could not handle the power pull on this machine. But no, they returned yesterday and the same thing happened. Only this time it destroyed our router, our modem, our whatever, and we have had no internet for two days. Only within the past hour have I been able to receive my email and do some blogging.

We become so dependent on things, don't we? for so many years a telephone was considered a luxury item. Now every home has to have one. Computers are a more recent example of that same thing. When my kids were young it was rare to have a home computer. They were becoming pretty typical in businesses, but it wasn't until my children started learning about them in school that we decided we needed to save up enough money to get one for the house. That doesn't seem all that long ago now. And yet, here we are, lost when our internet goes down. I need a phone number....oops...can't go online...where is the phone book? I have to get a message to a group of people...hmmm...will have to wait for that until we're up and running again.

The one thing I still bemoan is the evite. I don't want to get an invitation to a party, or special event of some sort, on my email. I want a nice invitation to open, to take to my calendar and record the details, and then to hang on my fridge. Call me old fashioned, I don't care. Its true. But in this impersonal world I just don't think its too much to ask. But I also know that puts me in the category of Luddite, and an old fuddy duddy one at that. Oh well....

It is nice to be able to blog again....

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


So - today's election day in East Hampton Village. That means my job review day.

I've done election days before but they are always a bit stressful. Even at times like this, when we have no one opposed, there is stress involved. What if someone does a write-in campaign? What if no one votes? What if I get the fewest number of votes indicating they don't like me but have no choice? So many things go through my mind.

I am a hard worker when it comes to my elected position but I know that political office is a tenuous thing. It doesn't take much to change things and the "what have you done for me lately" attitude with the electorate is pretty  fragile. It really doesn't matter how good a job you've done for ten or fifteen yedars, if you've made one misstep in the past 6 months you could be out of a job. So I take nothing for granted.

The thing is I really love the job. I think of it more as community service than anything else because it doesn't pay much at all, its more of a volunteer thing than anything else, and I truly do it because I love my home and want to do whatever I can to preserve the best parts of it wherever possible. I know that change is inevitable, but working toward channeling the change is important.

By 9:00 tonight I'll know if my job is secure for the next four years. If not I'll find other ways to go my civic duty, but I really hope I can continue this way. I think I finally have it down now...

Monday, June 20, 2016


Forget Thursday on Facebook, sometimes Mondays are the real throwback days for me.

On Monday every week I watch my three youngest grandchildren. I love them more than life itself, as I do all my grandchildren, so no one should take this as a complaint because I'm more than happy to help out in this way. but some Monday's are beyond exhausting. Actually every Monday is pretty tiring, but some are truly like no others. And they remind me of how difficult it was to be a stay-at-home mother when I was raising my own little brood.

I would say that the majority of mothers were working back then so I didn't have a lot of company, and today it's even less popular to stay at home because the economy really doesn't make it easy. But I remember thinking how difficult it would be to come home tired after a day at work, only to have to deal with a whining toddler or surly pre-teen. It's just as difficult to deal with those kids all day long, but at least you don't have to worry about being fresh and cheery for them at the end of the day-you've had plenty of time to be the perfect mother, reading stories and playing games before the fatigue sets in after all.
I don't think either option is easy for women, but I'm happy at least that I was able to do it while I was young. I had my first baby at age 23 and my fourth at 33 so I had a few good years of energy and health left to give lol! It's surely not easy, this parenting thing. It seems as though we're awfully good at judging one another and seeing everyone else's shortcomings when it comes to this area, doesn't it?

But Monday's are especially good for reminding me that we are all doing the impossible when it comes to raising kids: we're trying to be perfect. I get just as upset with myself now as I did thirty years ago when I don't think I was patient enough, or kind enough, or laughing enough. But we are all flawed people, and I guess that's what makes us human. Letting our children see that may not be such a bad thing.