Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The same

Today the rain continues and we are feeling a bit soggy around here. I know its great for the grass and the flowers, but too much rain can become more than a little tiresome. Not to mention I have to worry about flooding in my basement.

Last fall I needed to replace my two hot water heaters in the basement and when I did the plumber raised them a few inches for me. That's because when the floods come, and they do, I have no hot water. The pilot lights is easily extinguished by the water that creeps up the sides of the tanks. For an entire summer about eight years ago we had three pumps going 24/7 to keep the level down low enough to retain our pilot light and have hot water. Hopefully if the flood waters return again the problem will be solved, but I'm not sure. It remains to be seen at this point.

Well so far we're not at the danger point but two days of this steady rain certainly raises the red flag for me. Its been a very wet April and I'm hoping for a drier May. Because even a few inches may not be enough if this keeps up...

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


OK I'm done with the April showers now. After this past weekend, and a prediction including rain for the next two days, I'm thinking its time to see the May flowers. Please.

Of course the rain certainly has had its benefits. My lawn is nice and green and the colorful foliage is everywhere. Soon we'll have azaleas to enjoy, followed by irises and other pretty things. Right now the tulips are lovely and the growth on my lilacs makes me look forward longingly to the days those beauties will be in bloom. Every year I look forward to that. My son-in-law is allergic to them and I think that must be a terrible thing as I can't think of a better scent to fill my house with. I bring them in by the bucketfuls.

Yes the world is wide awake now and the threat of snow or freezing temperatures is over, at least here on the East End. Its a beautiful time to be living here, and May is as beautiful as they come. There are so many good things to look forward to, and this month is especially sweet, before the hordes arrive to take up our parking spaces and clog our roads. 

I suppose its time to go into Village Hall and get my beach sticker for this year. Soon enough I'll be needing it. But not today. Today I'll be dancing among the raindrops, trying to stay dry....

Monday, April 24, 2017

Winding down

So April is winding down now - this is the last week of the month - and May is about to burst on the scene. Living in East Hampton we know that means the season is upon us.

Last week when I traveled to my volunteer morning at Southampton Hospital I knew it was here now. That was the first time I came over the hill to meet CR 39 and saw the traffic backed up to the traffic light, causing me to make the immediate decision to turn right at the light and wind mys way along the back roads through Water Mill. There is that first time every year when it hits me and I know my route is now changed for the duration of the season. It will be October now before I can once again easily traverse the highway without looking for ways to get around the mess of cars, trucks, and construction.

May is always a beautiful month here and I welcome the weather and the excitement of the coming months. It isn't with dread that I face the coming season, only with caution. After all, its been my life here for over sixty years now so its what I expect. With April comes traffic, with July comes tourists, etc, etc. Life on the East End, simple as that. But I do make adjustments to my way of thinking and to my efforts to get around town. There will be no more left turns onto Main Street, for instance, so that has to be figured in to the equation whenever I plan my route around the village. Small changes, different mind sets, all doable but just necessary.

May is coming whether we like it or not. And as I approach the one year anniversary of my new life I do so with the knowledge that I've survived. Now its time to thrive. And I will.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


I'm with family this weekend having traveled to PA with my son and granddaughter to see the high school musical my other granddaughter is in. So I'm in my happy place right now, surrounded by family and enjoying every minute of it.

My daughter recently moved to a new house so I'm enjoying her new guest room and beautiful wooded surroundings. My son drove down with me so having all that time with him was great - a rare thing to be one-on-one with an adult child for that many hours. And of course being with the grand children for any length of time is always a treat, so all in all this has been a special weekend for me. When you get to be my age, family is what makes life joyful. Its where we find out peace and our contentment and the place we feel most at home. I can see why my grandmother was always so delighted to see us enter her back door when we were young - I actually wish I'd understood it back then because I would have made an effort to do it more often. Actually there are so many things I wish I'd realized when I was young - too much of our wisdom comes too little and too late as far as I'm concerned! What a difference I could have made in the lives of my parents and grandparents had I only been more insightful back in the day! With age comes wisdom, I've always heard that, but somehow we think when we're forty we've already obtained it. Phish! Little did I know. Little do any of us know.

Well I'm only here for one more day so I'm going to enjoy these moments with the special people in my life. I've been truly blessed with each of them and I'll never take any of it for granted. Ever.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Yes its that time of the year again. The weather is so confusing I never know how to dress when I get up in the morning. Even watching the news and weather first thing leaves me puzzled because I can't always tell from the posted temperature just how comfortable I'll be. It was fairly warm the other morning but because it was raining I was still chilly when I failed to dress in enough layers. The house held on to that chill all morning and the sun never broke through to make it comfortable enough. With the heat turned off I'm at the mercy of the weather and my wardrobe is not helping.

For a few more weeks at least it will be a guessing game, trying to predict how warm or cold it will be throughout the day. Once the sun appears it warms up nicely, although a twenty degree shift from one day to another is not unheard of.  This is the way of our shoulder seasons, both spring and fall, moving from one wardrobe to another and not sure which direction to go. I always know in the winter I'm wearing a sweater. In the summer the linen is never wrong. But now, in April, anything goes.

Well I do love these two seasons of change so I don't mind it too much. I'm always ready with a light jacket or sweater to throw on if need be. But I do think it would be nice to have a simple method of knowing when I climb out of bed early in the morning exactly now to prepare for the day. These are days of wonder, never with exact answers, and so it will be. Just another imitation of my life right now in general. I may not know what tomorrow holds but I can find a way to simply enjoy today.

Friday, April 21, 2017


My life has fallen into a pretty regular weekly pattern which makes me feel a little old because I remember my mother having the same type of schedule when she was older. I think its largely because with no kids around life becomes more regular, or more predictable, as there are fewer special events to work around. No play practice, or sports, or after school activities for instance. Piano lessons, dentist's appointments, and extra school work don't factor in to my own schedule so I can pretty much know from week to week how things will go. Surprises are unusual and for the most part I know exactly what I'll be doing every Tuesday morning at 9am for instance.

Wednesday morning is grocery shopping day. It used to be that I'd stop at odd times of the day and week, whenever I saw an empty parking space, for instance, as I passed by the IGA near my house. But now that I get a discount on "senior" day, I try to only go on Wednesdays. Its worth it to hang on to my shopping needs until then to save on my total bill.

I always go to the dump on Saturdays to do the recycled stuff so if I need to go in between times I do it Mondays and Thursdays. That way I never have any garbage sitting for long in my house waiting for that fateful trip to the recycling center. 

Tuesday morning I volunteer at the hospital so that's always the same, and Thursdays and Fridays are the days I often have meetings for my village work. Saturdays are also for house work and entertaining and Sundays for church, so there you have it - my week in review! Of course there is plenty of fill-in around all those things, like meeting a friend for lunch, or running to K-Mart for something or other. And the occasional trip to Riverhead thrown in.

I think I feel a trip to Lowes coming on soon because my outdoor pots really need planting. Its a little early yet, but in another few weeks for sure....

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cherry blossoms

One of my favorite trees is the cherry. Because no matter which one it is (and I have a couple different types within eyesight of my house) they are stunning at this time of the year. From my home office window I can see the weeping pink cherry in my yard, a white one across the green, 

and the kwansan cherry that my mother planted so many years ago. They're all gorgeous right now.

I will admit to a special fondness for the pink varieties, although all the flowering trees are beautiful. My crab apple  is beginning to show signs of life but its not out yet, and the apple trees are similarly just beginning to perk up. They also are a lovely display.

Spring is awash with beauty every year and my only regret is its so short-lived. One week and most trees have lost their flowers, the pink cherries turning the ground into a puddle of bright pink petals surrounding the base. I don't like the way they get dragged into the house on so many shoe souls, but I love the look of them from a distance. Its that pop of color in the waking world that really stirs my soul. Life is returning to the earth, and we all get a front row seat. It doesn't get any better than that.