Thursday, October 2, 2014


On a Facebook page that  am a member of, people who lived or still live here on the East End of Long Island share memories and ask questions about things they cannot quite pull from the memory banks. I find it sets me off on days of nostalgia at times as, in the most recent post, someone asked about what business was once in a particular building along one of our major streets here.  I immediately remembered walking down the street past that particular building and could tell what was there simply by "walking backwards through my mind". (I put that in quotations because it comes right from one of the wisest of all teachers, "Sesame Street".)

Because I lived in the village I walked to and from school most of my growing up years. I walked to kindergarten, I walked to elementary school, and I walked to high school. The only times I was given a ride by my long suffering mother was when I had to take my clunky saxophone, was not often enough. So I walked by the businesses along Newtown Lane nearly every day of my life for thirteen years. I do remember those stores.

I enjoy waking walks down memory lane because they take me back to a wonderful time of life, for the most part. And the memories make me smile.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Late agan

Late again - I must be losing it here!

I have been doing this blog every day for quite a few years now. It's hard to believe that I've been missing a lot lately. What gives?

I like to think it's a result of my busier lifestyle - I took on yet another job last year and it does indeed infringe on my time somewhat. I've been able to fit most everything into my schedule OK but....apparently things do fall through the cracks. Like today.

I also know that getting older means getting more forgetful. But I prefer to believe it has more to do with my schedule than my age. That may be a matter f self-defense..or self deception...but its easier for me to live with in any case.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The last day of September? Are you kidding me? How did that happen?

It seems as though we were just talking about Labor Day and now here we are four weeks later, thinking about Columbus Day weekend and Halloween and I am wondering how time seems to pick up speed when we get older. Wow - a month gone just like that. Is it any wonder the Bible says life is a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow? It's the perfect illustration.

Well September was a lovely month and I loved it. Save fore a few very humid days early on, it was comfortable and perfect for me. And October is usually the same so there are good things head. If we can get through this coming month with no hurricanes we will rejoice in another year without a storm and then it will be all about the holidays. We're taking a trip at the end of October so I know these next weeks are going to fly by. Nothing like the details of a trip to take up both your time and your mental capacity so I know I need to get things in order.

Life is good right now in our household. We're having a good run and I hope it holds for while, at least. I'm enjoying it too much to let it go too soon. Bring on October - I will enjoy every minute of it.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Mondays are my days with "the girls". I babysit for my granddaughters that live in East Hampton -
the two-year-old twins starting early in the day and then joined by the four-year-old after her pre-school is done in the afternoon. They are cousins and watching them enjoy one another is so much fun.

For so many years of my life I felt tethered to my house. I had four children over the span of ten years which meant for fifteen years I was home nearly every day doing childcare. I enjoyed my years with little ones, but I will confess to many moments of cabin fever and the desire to just jump in the car and take off, as I could before I became a mother. Responsibility becomes oppressive to everyone at times I think, and we remember our care-free days with nostalgia. I think that's why we all paint a rosy glow over memories of childhood - those responsibility-free days of our youth. Fortunately, as adults we learn to recognize the difference between nostalgia and reality and know we are happy where we are, not wishing to really return to the times when we were the most awkward and riddled with issues of self-confidence and doubt. At least most of us do.

Anyway, my Mondays are very reminiscent of those fifteen years where I was home all the time. I cannot put the girls in the car for a drive or even take them for a walk easily as there are two of them and they are toddlers and,,, well you get the picture. So we play together. (Not as easy as it was thirty years ago mind you...getting up off the floor has become an exercise in planning) We color, we build block structures, we eat, and we laugh. And that is what I loved about those years I was home. There is nothing quite as much fun as spending time with kids.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Apples are one of the pleasures of autumn. Today we're planning a family trip to the local apple orchard to pick a few bushels which we'll being home for putting into apple pies. Tonight will be pie time. I'm not a lover of apple pie, but I do love the process and I adore the aroma of one bubbling in the oven. There is much to look forward to today.

Other pleasures of autumn are the colorful pumpkins and squash everywhere, cornstalks o front porches, and of course the glorious weather. When I was young I used to try to find the most perfect colorful leaf every year and press it between waxed paper in a heavy book. I had quite a collection at one point but I have no idea where they went. Probably in the trash when my mother cleaned house after I left home, and who could blame her? But I wish I still had them so I could recall the times I found them. Each one had a memory attached to it and seeing them would jog those moments in time I'm sure. All kinds of "things" do that for me, from small pieces of paper with quickly jotted notes to silly things like bent paper clips and old dried up flowers. I am a sentimental person by nature and tend to dissolve into waves of nostalgia easily.

Apples cannot be saved though so there's no danger in today's memories being wrapped up in saved treasures. The memories will all be in my head. And my stomach.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Unexpected pleasures

We are anticipating an unexpected pleasure this weekend. Our daughter told us the other day that she and here family were coming for a quick visit. Not much could make me happier.

The last time I saw these five was at the end of July as they left after their long summer visit. So its been close to two months now - and I'm missing them a lot. I miss the hugs and the laughs, but mostly I just miss seeing their faces. The kids grow so fast and the eldest is heading into her teen years, and from one visit to the next I see how she is becoming a young woman. The changes are more apparent when you go for so many weeks between visits, as opposed to those that live here and I see weekly.

Knowing that they're coming will make this day seem interminable. And then make the weekend go by like a blink. And so it goes...

Thursday, September 25, 2014


We are getting some much needed rain today - but I'm not sure it will be enough. The ground is so dry and the plants so wanting that it would be nice to gt a steady rain the entire day  not a deluge, but a nice steady rain. So far the sky has not opened up and from the looks of it we may not get more than sprinkles.

Isn't it interesting how nature always reverses itself eventually and that brings another worry - hurricanes. Hopefully we won't get that kind of rain to put things back into balance. The other option may be a lot of snow this winter.

Well the day is dark and chilly and certainly feels damp out there, but so far, no rain. We'll see what the rest of the day brings