Friday, June 23, 2017


This has been the most perfect sleeping weather in a long time. I love good sleeping weather.

My only issue this time of the year is the breeze when it kicks up. Because I have casement windows in my bedroom, the entire window opens. That means the window shades get blown about by a good stiff wind and that causes problems. If I had double-hung windows I would open the bottom half and leave the shades half way closed so the wind wouldn't bother them. But in my case I can't do that, which is a problem. If the wind blows the shades the shades knock over my lamp, or if its only a light breeze, it causes the shades to keep hitting against the window frame, making a banging noise that can drive you crazy when you're trying to go to sleep. 

So...that means I have to open the window shades all the way, gathering them at the top of the windows where they won't bang around, but letting in all the light first thing in the morning. Oh these "first world" problems! I know - I'm lucky to have window shades...and windows for that matter. I shouldn't complain.

And I'm not really complaining, because despite the small inconvenience involve, I love, love, love being able to sleep so well, in such perfect temperatures with the blanket pulled right up to my chin. I'm enjoying it every night and happy not to have to use my air conditioner quite yet. And I hope it lasts a few more weeks at least...

Thursday, June 22, 2017


I was very lucky tonight to end what was a perfectly beautiful day with dinner at the Maidstone Club. I'm always happy to spend an hour or two in that beautiful setting and it seemed the ideal end to a lovely day.

The weather today was the bet it could be. There was no humidity but it as warm and pleasant. I spend the first few hours of my day running errands and doing some business, then joined some family members at the beach. I stayed about two hours and left before the sun did too much damage, only finding a small area of a light burn on one leg and one arm. (I guess I wasn't as far under that umbrella as I thought I was!)

Once I got home it was too beautiful to resist outside so I resisted the urge to do some necessary cleaning around my house and instead took the local paper and went outside to climb into the hammock. First I moved it to the perfect position, half in the shade to shield my eyes from the bright sun but half in full sunshine to keep warm. I read the paper, took off my glasses, and turned to the side to drift off to sleep, promptly rolling the hammock and ending up on the ground.

Its hard when something is that funny and there's no one around to laugh with, but I was relieved that there was nobody within any distance with a cell phone filming because it would have ended up on YouTube or Facebook or both. I enjoyed the joke in any case and was able to climb back in, find a better balance, and settled in to nap.

Of course that didn't actually happen because I had to get out and get dressed to go out in no time at all. No matter, it was a wonderful day of relaxation and appreciation for the place I live and the gift of a glorious day.

I attended a government event at the Club for cocktails and dinner and it seemed the perfect way to watch the day end. I'm willing to be tit will be some time before I see another day quite as perfect as this one was. So I'm going to enjoy the memory. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I'm heading in to the city this morning on the 7:05am Jitney. (Don't you love the way New Yorkers always refer to it as "the city" as though thee was no other?)

Its always an adventure going in to the city. In a case like this its exhausting simply because its for the purpose of an appointment which means a long drive in, a quick stay, and a long drive back out again. In a case like this the walk to and from the appointment is the most important part of the day, lest the muscles completely atrophy from lack of use, stuck in that seat on the bus for six hours.

The Jitney has been a wonderful addition to life here on the East End and I'm grateful for it. I like train travel and generally speaking would prefer that to a bus, but in the case of the LIRR that doesn't stand. The crazy schedule, the long travel time, and the changing trains all make it a rather poor choice when it comes to going and coming from NYC. If there were a better option, I'd take it in a minute, if nothing else than for the freedom to get up and move around on the long trip. But there isn't, so the Jitney it is. Fortunately the buses are luxurious and the drivers generally skilled and its a nice option for those of us way out here at the end of the world.

So - off I go now, to head to metropolis and get things done. I'll be very happy to get back home tonight to cool, calm East Hampton and my own nice bed. A long day is always best followed by a good night's sleep...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


And here we are again, back in this pattern of overcast and rainy days. Yuck.

I'm not minding the temperature mind you! I like it cook at night for sleeping and pleasant enough during the day for a sweater or at the very least, long sleeves! But I am missing the blue skies that are normally bountiful in June. I'm hoping they appear soon, But I know how these weather patterns do stick around, sometimes for a whole season. I hope not, but....

So what to do with this weather?

Yesterday I went to the bay with my daughter and her kids and sat near the water for an hour or so. It was pleasant enough despite the gray skies, but I was wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt. Not exactly beach weather. Like I said, I prefer this actually to the hot and humid days to come, but it could have been a little nice had the sun been out.

I actually bought bathing suits this year. With my significant weight loss I decided to go all out and invest in a couple new suits so I can enjoy the beach and pool with my grandchildren this year. But so far, no good. Perhaps in another couple weeks I'll be complaining about being too hot. But so far, no chance. Maybe tomorrow the sun will finally make an appearance. I know its there somewhere....

Monday, June 19, 2017


These past few days, and for the foreseeable future I believe, we are dealing with clouds. Lots of them. The skies are rarely blue lately, rather being covered in gray or white and occasionally gifting us with mist or showers. It hasn't been fun.

I think we had enough rain in April and May to last for awhile and was looking forward to bluer skies and better, warmer days ahead. If this is a pattern to remain throughout the summer I'll be disappointed for sure. I'm still hopeful things will improve, but it seems as though we're in a pattern of overcast days and I seriously worry about what the next months will bring.

Well what will be will be as they say. They also say there's nothing we can do about the weather, and that's certainly true. So I suppose there's no point in complaining about it. Somehow it makes one feel better verbalizing the disappointment though, doesn't it?

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Today is Father's Day and it brings with it a bundle of mixed feelings for me.

I didn't have a great relationship with my own father. I think I was a disappointment to him. He never seemed to be happy with me and never showed any affection toward me so it wasn't an easy relationship. I loved him, but not with the intense emotion that most people have for their fathers, that was clear to me. I envied my friends when I was growing up because they all seemed to adore their own dads and those feelings were clearly reciprocated, and that was something I didn't have.

When I married, one of the most important things I looked for in a husband was someone who would be a great father to my children. I wanted for my own kids what I didn't have: a father to play catch with in the back yard, a father who wanted to be there for all their events and special moments, a dad who adored them and returned their love in equal measure. And I found someone who I knew would do and be all those things. He was a great dad.

When one of my kids had a sporting event, he would find the way to take off work and be there. When we had teacher conferences, he was there. When I needed help with transportation to various events because we had four kids and they were often going in different directions, he was willing and able to help. We talked early in our relationship about how family was more important than work and he always chose his children over his job. And I loved that about him.

When I discovered last year that his life was not quite what I thought it was, that he wasn't exactly the person I thought I knew, I was shaken to the core, just as were my children. This wasn't the man we thought we'd known all these years. As with all of us, he had feet of clay, and in this case it was devastating. Sadly, it eclipsed much of the good he had done as a father and my kids have understandably changed in their feelings toward him. And that makes me sad. Because whatever he did in his life, he was exactly what I wanted when I married him: a great father. So today I honor him and thank him for being the kind of dad I wish I'd had all those years ago when I was young. And even as an adult. Because I could have used someone like that in my life. Especially during years like this one.... 

Saturday, June 17, 2017


I'm incredibly jealous of all the Facebook posts of peonies this week. Apparently they are blooming in every
body's gardens except mine.

I've been attempting to grow peonies for years now and I think I've give it the last try. They are one of my favorite flowers, with their huge, lush blossoms that can singly fill a small vase and are spectacular in a bunch. I love peonies! Sadly they are among the most expensive cut flowers to buy so I can't simply feed my desire with a trip to the florist every time I have a case of peony envy.

I've planted quite a  few of them over the years, and none of them have appeared again once they went into the ground. I would read everything I could about how to plant them, and where they like to be, and how much sun they should get, all to no avail. The last time I planted I bought five of them, all from a highly recommended dealer, and I put them all in different places around the yard, thinking perhaps I just hadn't found the perfect spot yet. It took a couple years, but lo and behold about three years ago one actually appeared in front of the house and has given me blossoms every year since, and seeming to slowly grow larger every time it came up. But then this year - nothing.

I have no idea whether the deer are decimating them or whether they just tire of my inattention and inexperience with them, because I have never claimed to be much of a gardener after all. But regardless of the reason, I have no peony bush this year and I give up trying. I think I just need to be happy with my lilacs and irises because the peonies don't seem to like me very much. I know I'm not the most doting caregiver, but honestly - I would love them, that's for sure! What more could they possibly want? From now on I'll just need to be content with photos...