Thursday, February 26, 2015

Giant snow

Yesterday morning I woke to a surprise. Although it shouldn't have been based on this winter. But snow had once again covered my windshield and all the walkways so it was time, once again, to do what in a normal winter I only need to do a few times but this winter seems like a weekly chore: clean off my car.

Out came the scraper, off came the ice. Out came the broom, walkways cleared. It was a very fine, light snow that was easily pushed aside and for that I was grateful!

But the nicest thing was this: when I left the house all the trees and structures were still covered with this new layer, but the wind was blowing a little and suddenly as I was sitting at the traffic light looking across at the sheep fold by my house, a breeze took new snow from all the branches and sent it flying through the air. It looked like giant snowflakes in action and the entire green was magic for a few wonderful seconds. I could have been in a Disney movie, it was so pretty! This was the magic of winter and I was enjoying it, forgetting the scraping and shoveling that preceded it.

There are magic moments in every day if we simply care to see them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

More sunshine

Despite the way everyone has been complaining about the weather this winter, we have had some beautiful, sunny days lately. The sun is always welcome and it is especially so in the winter.

The winter sun has a way of making the winter landscapes sparkle with beauty. The fields and the rooftops absolutely glitter in the light of it, and it bounces off every snowy surface, illuminating the world like a Christmas tree.

Sunshine lifts the spirits and brings us life. And it helps us smile on the coldest days. Right now it brings us hope. Because it reminds us that life is good. And every winter ushers in a spring.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I'm always amused by the differences between people. And this weather is really highlighting those differences.

Social media is the perfect place to study people and their idiosyncrasies. They post their thoughts pretty freely with little regard as to how those thoughts might be perceived, I think. And I spend a lot of time wondering what they're trying to say. For instance, with this very harsh winter weather, there are many posts from people who live in warmer climates. They post the temperatures where they live, or talk about going swimming, or express their delight at living where they do. And I wonder who what's behind their posts. Are they saying "ha ha on you!" Or are they saying "if you were as smart as I am you would live where I do" or are they simply expressing the thought that for every cold temperature there is one that's hot and that's not always fun either? I certainly don't blame anyone for loving where they live-I happen to think I live in one of the great places on earth. But is it more than pride? I don't know. Sometimes it's very "in your face" and not nice at all. But none of it bothers me really, because I happen to love living here where the weather is cold right now and you couldn't pay me to live in Florida, or Texas, or any of the places where the air conditioning needs to be on in February.

The ones who live in the Carolinas I do envy a little, because I like their temperate winters. But then again, in August you can have them.

Of course it truly is the differences that make the world work. I'm more than happy that everyone doesn't want to live here! la difference!

Monday, February 23, 2015


So we had mild weather yesterday. We had slush everywhere. The sidewalks and driveways looked as though a snow one truck had dropped its contents everywhere, with icy, runny stuff covering every surface.

Then last night the temperature dropped again.

And now the world is once again an icy mess. My back stoop, the driveway, the sidewalks-everything is a sheet of ice. There is danger lurking wherever you look!

This is the most dangerous of times for those of us who live here on the East End. We need to step carefully when we leave our homes lest we suffer the consequences of this danger: broken arms, legs, wrists, ankles-and serious head injuries. I may be a bit paranoid, but I rarely take my eyes off the ground when I'm walking out there.

But Spring is right around the corner.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Today we're supposed to get a good washing. The rain is coming.

This has been one of the strangest weather patterns I can remember in a very long time. We've had cold winters, we've had sub-freezing temperatures, but this stretch of extreme cold and snow is pretty unprecedented. Records are being set everywhere in the country. Even Florida is feeling the chill.

The whole issue of global warming seems amusing right now. Not that I don't believe it's true - and there are people who don't - but it seems odd that the we're talking about it when the bay's are frozen over and Niagara Falls is covered with ice.

I know this pattern cannot last much longer. And of course Spring is right around the corner. But right now, this is an odd time. Today it will rain. Who would expect rain to be so welcome?

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Back in November I was able to throw away the last empty bottle of prescription medication that I was given as part of my Cancer treatment. Once the surgery and chemo were over, the prescription became my regimen for the following five years. And that five years came to a blessed end.

One of the side effects of this particular medication was insomnia. It became a way of life for me. At least four nights out of every week would find me tossing and turning in bed, or simply giving in to it and watching tv downstairs under a blanket. It just was my "norm", the way I lived, and The way it had to be. 

But now, I am sleeping soundly for the first time in a very long time. And just as being sick and feeling terrible made me appreciate my good health, I have a new gratitude for the blessing of sleep. There is nothing quite like waking up after a good solid night of sleep. That feeling of renewal and well being is unexplainable. But I can pass along this thought though: If you sleep soundly throughout the night, be grateful. It's a small blessing that's easy to take for granted.

Friday, February 20, 2015


People are spending a lot of time complaining about the temperatures this winter. It's becoming not a bit of a boor, honestly, but more than that its had me thinking. Because for me, once the temperature crosses the "cold" category, it all feels the same to me.

Last week the thermometer jumped from 15 to 30, then down to 5 and 3, then back up to 20 -every day was different and every day was cold. But the only thing that made it feel really really cold to me was the wind. As long as the sun shone and the wind lay down, I was comfy and warm, well dressed for the cold. But then the wind whipped up, and even on one of the higher temperature days, it felt as though it was the coldest.

All things are relative, or so they say. I can appreciate that. But hopefully I won't even notice the Mercury hovering down in the lower ranges. Because if I'm busy enough, all I'll know is that it's winter...