Sunday, February 1, 2015


So now the yuck factor has set in. All the snow along the roadsides is dirty, dirty, dirty! I hate the ugly black snow that's covered with dirt from the road. Ugh!

Tonight we may get more snow, which will nicely cover the dirty stuff, but also add to the mess. I'm not sure whether to hope for a few inches or pay that it heads north of us! Won't matter I suppose - what will be will be. I don't mind the snow but ice is another issue so the sooner this stuff melts off and leaves the better on that front.

Tomorrow may bring more mess, but best just worry about today. What is it the Bible says? Don't worry about tomorrow because it may never come? True that! Today is here - I think I'll make the most of it. And tomorrow we'll deal with tomorrow.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Slow down

I love the way everything has taken on a less frantic pace since the snow storm. It seems as though everyone had taken a deep breath and just made a decision to slow down. Well, most people anyway. There are always those few on the roads that cannot stand not to be going the speed limit - or more - anytime they're out driving. But generally, everything seems to be slower and more gentle these past few days.

If helps of course that there was no school for a few days. And that many people were stuck in their homes, not yet plowed out and not able to move far. It reminds me of when I was a child and winters were very calm and slow around here. I don't mind it really - its a nice change.

In fact, I'll be sorry when the usual pace returns and life begins to crank up. At this point the excuses are over and everyone needs to get back to work, to school, and to regular life. Sad, but its been a really nice little vacation from reality for just a few precious days.

Friday, January 30, 2015


I am enjoying the artwork that is a secondary feature of any good snow storm. Because once the snow gets deep enough to cover everything in sight, a new world emerges from the winter landscape.

On my back deck I see a mound where a ball is buried beneath the white stuff. My chair and table vignette that I created by the back door for the winter looks as though its been covered in the white batting you use in quilts. And passing by other yards I wonder at what it is I'm looking at: undulating forms and obelisks of white. What hides beneath those interesting shapes? Suddenly the ordinary becomes extraordinary and I can't even put a name to some of the things I see.

Snow is the great equalizer. We are all suddenly at the mercy of nature when it is happening. And when all is said and done every tree, bush, toy and chair is all of the same cloth - and its white, white, white....

Thursday, January 29, 2015


The wind really complicated things in this blizzard of ours. Because when you get upwards of 30 inches of snow, and then the wind blows it into drifts, what you have are mountains. And we have mountains.

Last night we ran down to Amagansett for a quick dinner. The roads were slushy and messy, but the most amazing thing was the mountains. Between the drifts and the piles left over from the plows, it wasn't easy to navigate. Pulling out of the parking lot meant trying to see over piles about 8 feet high. Walking down the sidewalk meant walking through a tunnel-storefronts on one side and 8 ft piles on the other. It was fun because there was no one around, but it was a good thing. There was no place to park on the street-piles of snow lined either side. It was a winter scene through and through, but not one we see often here on the East End.

This has been an interesting week. And it's not over yet. They're saying we may get a couple more inches tonight....

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Well it doesn't seem like much of a blizzard - just a regular old fashioned snow storm! Overnight it blew plenty but no trees down and no power outages so far. I think there is about 15 inches of snow outside my house but the drifts are much higher. The back door is "drifted in" but we'll make an attempt to get out a bit later when it all starts to wind down.

We were lucky here - much like with Hurricane Sandy, we were spared the worst of the predictions. With no lines down and no power outages people can safely stay home and allow the crews to clear the roads.

It's winter in East Hampton and its beautiful out there. I am going to make hot chocolate and coffee cake and just enjoy the break from normal. Not a bad day...

Monday, January 26, 2015


So the rush is on. We are supposed to get about two feet of snow tomorrow and the general public is in a panic.

I went to CVS yesterday and wondered why it was so busy. Then I saw that people were buying batteries by the dozen. How many batteries does one need to get through a storm?  I mean, why is it everyone runs to the grocery store? I understand a mother who wants to make sure she has enough milk for her kids, but why do older people run there like they're facing Armageddon? Yikes!

Well we may be home all day tomorrow. And perhaps some people will be snowed in for a few days. But I doubt anyone will be left to starve to death in their homes. But maybe I will run to IGA this morning for some popcorn....

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Well the weather yesterday was nothing to write home about. We had a little snow but most of it was washed away by day's end. Now we have a frozen mess of what was slush out there to work around today.

Today is a pretty day with nice cloudy skies, but Tuesday looks to be a bad one. At this point we have blizzard warnings and they are calling for 1 to 2 feet of snow. I don't mind too much but it will change my week since I probably won't be getting to work on Tuesday, which means I'll need to go in on Wednesday instead.

I'm watching it carefully.I don't like a lot of snow because I don't have decent boots and I don't like ice, which is the inevitable follow-up to a lot of snow. It melts, refreezes, melts, refreezes, and so it goes for a couple weeks. Oh well - it is winter! And it looks so pretty when it covers everything in sight...